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The story of ekokti !!

“Roti, kapda, makaan (Food, clothing, home), the three basic need of a human. Kapda (Clothing) may seem just a word but it contributed 18.6 million tonnes of landfills in the year 2020. “Ekokti”, is an idea of embracing the knowledge of our Indian culture and heritage, which have existed since the the inception of time […]

Identity of Ekokti

Ekokti was born from the idea of embracing everything that makes us human , our fantasies to our flaws , everything that makes us one of a kind. The green glowing orb at the center of the logo is our expressions and the mirror image of the letter E symbolizes the embracing of those expressions, […]

Embrace your “TIME”

“Time” is a very special factor in survival, many handicrafts of our human race got defeated by time and got extinct. There are many crafts on the verge, and they can only survive by adopting themselves with “time”. Here in ekokti, we believe that we can embrace our heritage and take it with us along […]

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