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embrace your


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You are one of a kind, you are whole only when you embrace what you are, express everything that embodies you, and be unapologetically you.


...your knowledge of not giving up, embrace the love, embrace every expression that is one of a kind, just like you. Don't apologize for not saying "sorry", be upapologetically you..

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The story of ekokti !!

“Roti, kapda, makaan (Food, clothing, home), the three basic need of a human. Kapda (Clothing) may seem just a word but it contributed 18.6 million…

Embrace your “TIME”

“Time” is a very special factor in survival, many handicrafts of our human race got defeated by time and got extinct. There are many crafts…


We will just let you know about the surprises, no spam, promise!!!
Embrace our ekokti and it will strive to do only better.