Ekokti Products

We use premium silk fabrics for all our garments authorised by SILK MARK OF INDIA. All our prints are digitally printed and our detailings are hand-done, and we use one of a kind buttons/trims/patches/embroideries and may marginally vary in each of products. All photographs are for representation purpose and are shot to try and look as close as possible to the original product.


All our products start there journey from a piece of saree. We engineer the products from our saree thus minimizing the wastage of fabric and in the process we get one of a kind product each time. As they say a SAREE can never reach a landfill in our Indian home.


Our scarfs and dupattas are engineered and designed out of our saree. Each product has its unique placement, artwork, and colors, intricately planned and printed to bring to you one of a kind experience each time you embrace it.